HYTRAC Lab 2019 climbing in Red Rock Canyon NV

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Dr. Bethany L. Coulthard

Bethany is the director of the HYTRAC Lab and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geoscience at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is an applied hydroclimate and paleoenvironmental scientist specializing in dendrochronology, watershed ecology, and water resource management. Bethany works with communities and decision-makers to conduct management-relevant science. She is lucky to spend her time recreating in two of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth: the desert southwest and the coastal British Columbia rainforest.

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Dr. Rebecca L. Brice

Becky is  Postdoctoral Scientist in the HYTRAC Lab. She has a PhD in Geography from the University of Arizona and a 2017 Climate Assessment for the Southwest Climate and Society Fellow. Her research leverages the finely detailed information contained in tree rings to study climate variability which controls changes in the Earth’s water cycle. Her focus is on water resources, use-inspired science, and the impacts of climate extremes.


Inga Homfeld

Inga is from Germany (B.Sc. in Landscape Ecology and Nature preservation from the University of Greifswald, Germany). After studying in Estonia and working for the National Trust in the UK she is now working toward her MS in the HYTRAC Lab, where she is reconstructing droughts and floods in the Fraser River Basin, British Columbia, Canada, using tree rings. For this kind of work Inga has to be outside a lot which is perfect as she loves to hike and camp. Inga is also interested in how sustainability and the reduction of our carbon footprint can be implemented into research efforts. 


Laura Dye

Laura is a first year MS student in the UNLV Geoscience Department. Her research is focused on dendroclimatology - using tree rings to develop a multi-century snowpack reconstruction in the Cascade Range. She received her BS in Geology from Eastern Kentucky University and worked for the Kentucky Division of Water, with a focus on water supply planning. Laura is excited to be working in the HYTRAC lab and learning this science! 

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Taylor Salazar

Taylor was born and raised in Northern California, west of Yosemite. She recently moved to Las Vegas to work toward her undergraduate degree in Earth and Environmental Science at UNLV. Since joining the HYTRAC Lab she assisted in the preparation of tree-ring chronologies as a Research Assistant, and is now conducting her own research project on how tree-ring record snow in the British Columbia Coast Mountains. Taylor also has specific interest in studying the threat of climate change on environmental sustainability, and its impacts on surrounding ecosystems. Her heart has always been most content when she is outdoors.